About CreateTek

If you have a creative idea then we would like to help you develop it with our range of creative tec

We have created our about us page because of YOU

The idea for the CreateTek concept "Where creativity meets tech"has evolved from years of seeing what awesome people like yourself can create.

Back in 2012 when the 3D Desktop printing revolution first started to hit the headlines and the major newspapers were talking about how 3D Desktop printing would revolutionize manufacturing.  The founders Yuliya & Tim, created their first online website 3dfilaprint.com offering insights into the world of 3D printing, with competitions, giveaways, and an in-depth look into this fascinating new creative tool.  You can still read one of their online guidance pages www.3dfilaprint.com/help a tool to help 3D printing enthusiasts achieve their best results, which we have now left up online for prosperity.

What Tim & Yuliya found during their amazing journey was just how many people are creative in their "spare time".  Librarians, home mum's and dads, electricians, car mechanics, plasterers, bank cashiers, fisherman, solicitors, dentists and many more individuals all had a passionate sideline for creativity. 

During this time of the "manufacturing revolution" many new technologies were emerging, some that could be used to enhance, improve or develop existing opportunities. or to create something entirely new.  This is when Yuliya & Tim decided it was time to offer you CreateTek, your opportunity to use tech to create the "next best thing since sliced bread".

The team at CreateTek are constantly looking at technical equipment which can open doors for you.  Equipment to assist you in creating business opportunities which we hope may eventually enable you to earn from your creative knowledge (if this is what you wish to achieve).

What is creativity?
Taken from the online Cambridge dictionary it means "The ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative."
The products you find here in our store will hopefully help you bring to life that new idea you have or help you improve what you are already creating.
Whether you are an engineer or an artist the tech tools and accessories are there for you to create, so unlock their potential for creativity and start on your own journey of discovery.
If you have come across any "techy" tools, equipment or accessories that you believe should be on our store, drop us a line or two at createit@createtek.co.uk and we will get right back to you.
Don't forget you can also come and visit us in our physical store in Southend on Sea Essex, at 381 Southchurch Road, where you will be able to touch, see and feel the technology first hand.   We would love to see you and share ideas and opportunities with you.
Thanks for reading.  Now go and create!