Give Me Ideas!

"With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded"

Stephen William Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA

If you have already taken a look at our webstore and found the products interesting, then you may now need some ideas to start you on your journey of creativity.  We have tried to list but a few and as Stephen Hawkings said "the opportunities are boundless".


A few "High Flying" ideas and opportunities

∞ Live action video tracking of Skateboard, BMX racing, challenges or competitions

∞ Unique video footage for weddings, birthdays, social events

∞ Drone racing competitions

∞ Landscape shooting, field mapping & surveying

∞ Drone club management

∞ 3D Aerial photogrammetry, outdoor architectural shoots for hard copy or online publication

∞ Outdoor concert and special events/exhibition work

∞ Drone and VR events

∞ Search and rescue field work

∞ Drone rental. Drone training

Time to "iron out" some business opportunities!

Personalised clothing for special events

Custom printed socks

∞ Create an awesome designer tote bag empire

∞ Personalised Wedding or Special event napkins

∞ Soft printed comfort blankets for baby showers

∞ Unique One OFF Party Event T shirts

∞ Personalised Shirts/Vests/Blouses for Stag & Hen Night parties

∞ Awesome printed pillow cases or Tea Towels for friends or family

 * Remember for a relatively small fee CreateTek can create awesome one-off designs just for you and your unique business or hobby


Taking your ideas to the Next Level!

∞ Creating new or replacement parts, for planes, trains and automobiles, for both hobbyists and professionals

∞ Produce your own unique personalised Jewelry pieces

∞ 3D Printing parts for tabletop gaming

Providing props for Films, Music & Theater

∞ 3D Resin printing for Dental modelling

∞ Design and create wonderful personalised gifts and gadgets

*There are so many amazing materials that work with your 3D printer, such as flexible, wood like, super strong carbon fibre, food safe, fire resistant, glow in the dark and literally hundreds of others, that we cannot attempt to list all of the ideas here!

Now this will take your thinking to another dimension!

∞ Custom molds for Food, Art and Crafting Professionals and Hobbyists

∞ Personalised low production one-off product molds

∞ Manufacture lightweight components with complex shapes

∞ Create unique educational models for the classroom

∞ A great tool to enhance your Candle Making, Bath Bomb or Wax Melt business or hobby

∞ Create bespoke molds for Jesmonite designs

∞ Design and create molds for the Fashion Accessory Industry

∞ Cosplay props are easy to reproduce with the Mayku FormBox

∞ What about fishing?  There has got to be so many uses for mold making special floats, fishing tools or fish shaped food bombs!

 * Remember for a relatively small fee CreateTek can create awesome one-off designs just for you and your unique business or hobby


An all in one, easy to assemble, CNC, Laser cutter and 3D printer, the ideas are limitless!

∞ The creation of new and replacement parts

∞ Create personalised unique gifts

∞ Personalise individuals possessions, such as phone cases, wallets, bookmarks, photo frames etc

Use in the classroom for educational training

∞ Use recycled wood for gift ideas, reclaim materials and create something new

∞ Design and create book ends, book markers, book shelves even!

*To be quite open with you, we could not possibly list all the opportunities here, we just want to get those grey cells buzzing!

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