5PCS Wood Carving Drill Steel Engraving Drill Bit Set Solid Carbide 



1. Carving Drill Sets: With the help of wood carving drill sets, you can create your own wooden crafts and turn masterpieces into reality!
2. Convenient Tools: You can easily complete any type of woodcarving project and using these drill bit
3. Easy to Use: Just connect it to the electric drill and you are ready to use! Convenient and easy to use, The drill set allows you to carve wood effortlessly, which is different from traditional carving, which may damage and bruise your hands.
4. Premium Material: These burrs are designed to remove wood faster. Made of sharp high-speed steel, you can easily cut down the wood faster, while maintaining a smooth surface.
5. Wood Carving Tool: Optimal precision and detail handling makes wood carving easy without damaging the wood. Get accurate results with smoothing effects. No decoration is required.

Simple and easy to use. Just install it like any other typical drill bit
5 pieces / set of white steel knives, pointed wood carving and engraving 3 mm drill bit set for metal grinding, drilling

Material: alloy steel
Color: as shown
Weight: about 35g
Size: 3 * 3/3 * 4/3 * 5/3 * 6/3 * 8

Packing List:
5 * Wood Carving Drill Set

5PCS Wood Carving Drill Steel Engraving Drill Bit


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