Eel, a 3D printing filament that is a truly conductive, flexible filament.

Eel Flexible Conductive Filament TPU 3mm

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  • PRINTING GUIDELINES Extruder Temperature: 220�C � 230�C Platform Temperature: Room temperature � 45�C Glue or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed. Print Speed: Top and bottom layers: 15-20 mm/ sec (900-1800 mm/ min) Infill speeds: 45-60 mm/ sec (2700-3600 mm/ min) Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available. Suggested Applications: Electronic Traces, Integrated flexible wire, Anti Static Grippers, Conductive Wearable Products. APPROPRIATE ENGINEERING CONTROLS: Ensure sure adequate room ventilation to prevent build up of dust or fumes during printing. Keep processing temperatures below decomposition temperature.

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