An easy to print Premium PLA, extremely low warp (if at all) slightly modified PLA to give your prints extra strength and durability. VAT will be added at checkout, though we have covered the cost of regular postage! Plus if you buy two spools before 2pm today you will receive them next day (within the UK, Weekdays only).

FilaPrint Dark Green Premium PLA 2.85mm 3D Printer Filament

SKU: 14066
  • Characteristics Test Method Typical Value Specific Gravity ASTM D1505 1,24 g/cc MFI 6,0 g/10 min Tensile Strength ASTM D882 110 MPa (MD) 145 MPa (TD) Elongation at break ASTM D882 160 MPa (MD) 100 MPa (TD) Tensile Modulus ASTM D882 3310 MPa (MD) 3860 MPa (TD) Impact Strength 7,5 KJ/m_ Printing Characteristics Test Method Typical Value Printing temperature 180-210�c Melting temperature 210�10�c Melting point ASTM D3418 145-160�c

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