Made from 100% recycled 3D Printing Filament created in the Netherlands.  Our flagship rPETG is sourced from leading local recyclers. Its durable and easy to use, with exceptional visual and mechanical performance.

Reflow rPETG Seaglass Seafoam Light Green Recycled Filament 2.85mm 1Kg

SKU: 21616
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm. �0.05mm / 2.85 mm. �0.07mm Roundness: �98% Net filament weight: 1 KG Filament length: _357m / _137m Print temperature: 230c - 245c Platform Temperature: 60c-80c ~ rPETG requires bed temperatures of 60-80 C while printing. Bed adhesion is often good, and minor issues around adhesion can be easily remedied by coating the build surface with acrylic based glue-sticks or hairsprays. Fan Speed: 50%-100% - This is model size and geometry dependant. Our own 3D FilaPrint quick test on the Burnt Amber filament.

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